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The Interior is as Important as the Exterior

Keeping your auto detailed on the outside is not the only thing that is important in maintaining your auto’s value.  Having a detailed interior will also help keep the value of your vehicle above par.  Bringing your car to AutoLux on Wackerly Rd. for an interior detail is a great way to achieve this. If you have trouble keeping the interior of your auto clean and detailed, you’re not alone. Busy work schedules, sporting events, school activities, and other tasks often cause those with even the best of intentions to leave their autos in shambles on the inside. If you would love to have a like new detail on your autos interior, but can’t seem to keep it tidy, here are some tips to help you.

Start Clean. One of the first steps to keeping a clean auto interior is to start with a clean interior from the beginning. You can do this yourself or bring it into AutoLux for that initial detailed interior. Once the interior of your vehicle is detailed at AutoLux in Midland, you will be motivated to keep it that way.

Have a Trash Bag. If you want the interior of your car to feel detailed, you should never be without a trash bag. There are products made specifically for this purpose, or you can just use some old plastic grocery bags. Just keep a stash inside a zippered top bag in your glove compartment. Hang one on an arm rest or other convenient spot and use it for food wrappers, empty drink containers, etc.

Keep auto Wipes Handy. Another way of having that detailed feel, is to keep auto wipes in your glove compartment. These auto wipes, which are much like general wipes used at home, are made specifically for cleaning auto interior parts such as your dashboard, steering wheel, etc. Keep a pack in your glove box or console so if you’re stuck in traffic, waiting at an extra-long light, or arrive at a destination a little early, you can pull one out and do a quick wipe down to give the detail feel until your next trip for your complete detail.

Remove All Trash Immediately. Don’t leave your vehicle, and don’t let your kids leave the auto empty handed. Convince everyone to grab their empty cups and other trash when they exit the vehicle. Making it a habit to remove trash from your car each time you get out of it will make a big difference in your ability to keep your interior feeling detail clean.

Enlist Some Help For Floors. When you take your auto somewhere to have your oil changed, check about getting your floors vacuumed while you’re there. Or better yet, bring your car into the Valvoline Oil change on Wackerly St. in Midland and on your way out stop into AutoLux and have that interior vacuumed, shampooed or a full interior detail. Make sure the floors are kept clear of major debris to keep this quick detail cost effective as possible. Keeping a clean auto interior does take some work, but with a few simple changes you’ll quickly be the one everyone comments about.

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